The genesis of this overarching project was the work of Dr. Cagatay Goncu and Prof. Kim Marriott on their GraVVITAS project. GraVVITAS is short for Graphics Viewer using Vibration Interactive Touch and Speech. GraVVITAS is a multi-modal presentation device that uses touch screen and haptic feedback technologies to give blind people access to graphics. A data glove equipped with vibrating motors provides haptic feedback when the finger is over a graphic element on the tablet computer. GraVVITAS also provides speech and 3D non-speech audio feedback to help the user with navigation. This project formed the core of Dr. Goncu’s PhD and his work in research, development, and testing of the system is ongoing.

The project is continuing to develop new computer technologies that are designed to work on an iPad and will (at last) provide people who are blind or have severe vision impairment with fast, inexpensive access to a wide variety of information graphics at home, at school and at work. You can read more about Chatai’s work at

GraVVITAS author tool with diagram of a brain

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