Artworks at Bendigo Art Gallery

This is a pilot page created in conjunction with Bendigo Art Gallery to provide accessible information about some of the artworks currently on display.

The artworks



  • Venus Tying her Sandal (1913) by Ettore Cadorin – gallery 15
  • Folly (2008) by Sebastian di Mauro – on View street, in front of the gallery

Using the web app

Links at the top of the page direct you to sections such as a visual description of the artwork, information about the artist, and contextual information (such as historic information).

The first section on each page is a slide viewer with high resolution images of the original artwork and adjusted images for enhanced viewing. Swipe left or right to switch between images. Use a spreading gesture to enlarge an image, or pinch to return to regular size.

Try using the pages with audio turned on for accompanying soundscapes. The soundscapes play automatically but can be paused using the controls near the bottom of the page.

At the very bottom of each page, links are given to other artworks.


Bendigo Art Gallery Floorplan