Touch screens and refreshable displays

The future of accessible graphics may lie in the realm of technology. Touch screens with audio, vibration and/or haptic feedback offer the promise of spatial information combined with portability and multi-modal presentation. Much development is being done in this field, with several products in the test phase or production phase.

  • GraVVITAS provides audio labels for clear print graphics presented on a standard iOS device. It is available for use while developments continue.
  • Graphiti Graphics display is an affordable refreshable braille display for graphics. It is currently undergoing field testing and is expected to be ready for shipping in late 2017.
  • BLITAB is a braille tablet device that displays a whole page of braille using pre-set bubbles on the touch screen. In its initial form, it could potentially be used to display very simple tactile graphics created as braille drawings, such as simple shapes and bar graphs. BLITAB is currently available for pre-order.

Last updated: August 8, 2018 at 14:17 pm